Sunday, 31 July 2011

Dr Who Season 6b trailer for 2011 released. Spoilerish.

Steve Does Dr Who breaks its awesome silence to belatedly notice the BBC have released a trailer for the second half of this year's Dr Who Season 6. There's a few too many familiar monsters for my comfort but fortunately there's one or two new ones and we do get an intriguing shot of River Song. It looks like Amy's getting handy with swords again and who doesn't want to see minotaurs?

The main question I suppose is will the second half of this season finally wrap up all the loose plot strands or will it all spill over into next year's series? When will we finally know what's going on? When? When?


Kid said...

I used to look forward to each new episode of Dr Who until that last batch, which were totally underwhelming. They'll need to deliver something impressive to revive my interest and enthusiasm, but the budget-saving use of old villains doesn't bode well.

Steve W. said...

My expectations are currently evenly balanced between excitement and suspicion.

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