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As you may know, as well as displaying my vast intellect by running blogs about comics, Dr Who and Top of the Pops, I've been known to do fiction too. My novels Danny Yates Must Die and Mr Landen has no Brain (HarperCollins/Voyager) are still spoken of in hushed whispers wherever people have laryngitis. Likewise, my short stories have sometimes been scattered, like chaff, around genre periodicals..

But now I've moved on, to the magical world of Kindle, and here's where I can plug my titles that are currently available in that format. Remember, if you don't have a Kindle machine thingy, you can download ebooks onto your computer via the free software that Amazon provide.

Thank you for your time. Every purchase is appreciated.

The Mummy Shrugged, by Stephen Walker, a Liz Sanford mystery, Anubis, the jackal headed ancient egyptian god of death, on a gold and white background

It's another adventure for the nation's top occult investigator, as Liz Sanford finds herself up against a mummy's curse, the clueless schemes of her colleagues and the machinations of her self-declared arch-enemy.

Can she get to the bottom of a mystery that's remained unsolved for thousands of years?

And just what is Geraldine Koliakov's involvement with wardrobes?

6,000 words.

Download The Mummy Shrugged at:
Amazon.Com, Amazon UK, Amazon Germany, Amazon France, Amazon Spain and Amazon Italy.

Overall cover design copyright 2012, Stephen Walker.
Image of Anubis Standing by Ningyou (Public Domain). Source: Wikimedia Commons.

Stone by Stephen Walker available from Amazon Kindle

When the Twelfth Daughter of Destiny goes in search of her lucky hand, she finds it and a whole lot more as she learns that some ancient menaces aren't as dead as you might like them to be.

In Stone, the modern world and the world of ancient mythology collide to give its protagonists a night they won't easily forget.

8,250 words.

Download Stone at:
Amazon.ComAmazon UK, Amazon Germany, Amazon France, Amazon Spain, or Amazon Italy.

Stephen Walker, Leaving the Circle, cover, purple, mountains, snow, amazon, kindle, fiction, short story, fantasy, horror, download

They call it The Roof of the World but beneath its snow-bound surface lies a secret - the secret of a race that was lost before man was born - and a quest for wealth.

Into this secret enters a being from another world - that, alone of all beings, might unearth the truth of what's gone before.

But is it here as saviour or destroyer?

8,300 words.

Download Leaving the Circle at: Amazon UKAmazon GermanyAmazon FranceAmazon ItalyAmazon Spain.

Cover image credit: Fitz Roy 2 by Prissantenbar (Public Domain), fiddled-about-with a fair bit by me. Source: Wikimedia Commons.

stephen walker, fatal inheritance, kindle, amazon, pentacle, pentagram, dripping blood, black, novel, liz sanford, occult investigation, download

When her flatmate is left a house whose owners always die within days of signing the deeds, government occult investigator Liz Sanford goes into action.

Can she uncover the house's deadly secret?

And if she does, can she stay alive long enough to celebrate?

64,000 words.

Available for download at:  Amazon UK. Amazon Germany.  Amazon France.  Amazon Italy.  Amazon Spain.

Stephen Walker, Waiting for the Wireman in 1974, 3rd alternative, short story, dark fantasy, moon, crow, amazon, kindle, download

On an October night in the 1970s, a girl sits on a wall. Some say she's trouble. Some say she's a witch. Some say she doesn't even exist. Whatever the truth of the matter, she's waiting - waiting for the unnamed Billy Morten and the three objects he carries.

Because, when he gets here, she can perform the kind of dark miracle that can only happen when there are no grown-ups around to see it.

First published in the award-winning The 3rd Alternative magazine.
3,500 words.

Available for download at:  Amazon UK.  Amazon Germany.  Amazon France. Amazon Italy.  Amazon Spain.

Cover image credits:
Noche de luna llena by Luz A. Villa from Medellin, Colombia (Noche de luna llena - Full moon night) [CC-BY-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Stephen Walker, Carrying, short story, moon, relentless heliotrope, dark, fantasy, amazon, kindle, download

When the Relentless Heliotrope agrees to do a favour for the Powers That Be, she stumbles across a mystery involving a box that's remained unopened for far too long, a forgotten man and the thirteenth floor of a building that's only meant to have twelve.

Can she discover just what's been going on?

And can she help put right a very old wrong?

5,300 words.

Available for download at:  Amazon UK.  Amazon Germany.  Amazon France.  Amazon Italy.  Amazon Spain.

Cover image credits:
Self-Portrait by Moonlight by Alessandro Zangrilli (self-made for wiki) [Public domain or Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
Moon at its Fullest a Few Minutes Before the Lunar Eclipse of 20 Feb 2008 by Thom Rains [CC-BY-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

The Weakest Link by Stephen Walker, a Liz Sanford mystery, a colt 45, a pair of stilettos and St Pauls Tower on Arundel Gate Sheffield
The Weakest Link, copyright © Stephen Walker 2011. All Rights Reserved.

Cover credits: 
Stilettos-Heels by Xingbo (Public Domain), fromWikimedia Commons
Rosarino2 by MCarranza (Public Domain) via Wikimedia Commons
Overall cover design, copyright © Stephen Walker [CC-BY-SA-3.0].

Government occult investigator Liz Sanford is dragged into her least likely case yet by a complimentary sausage and her own boss's incompetence.

Can she get to the heart of a strange conspiracy?

And just who is that woman in the cupboard?

6,300 words.

Available for download at:
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